July 17th:
I see you everywhere.
I hear you everywhere.
And this desire to understand,
this longing that makes me want to become one with
the sounds, the visions, the knowledge perceived;
the things that replace that which I had believed...
I want to hold hands with that which I have seen;
to know that it’s just as real as it felt in the dream...
Oh indeed, if that could be the case,
it would bring me the peace that I long to embrace!
Oh yes indeed, that word on my lips,
reminds me of the things I long to part with...
You are here in my presence,
I can read it from the messages
that meet with me for my translation,
and the energy that breathes on my senses.
Perhaps that surreality is the most real as it for now will be.
And in that, I was her, and I was you equally...
Then with that I’ve held hands with that which I have seen,
and I know that it’s just as real as it felt in the dream.
October 5th:
Reflecting on a something,
a something which has grown.
It stemmed from a beginning.
The end of which was known.
So how did this enquiry lead me to feel again,
a certain kind of heart based thought
that sparks an understanding
that I’d felt I’d long forgot?
A moment still with wordless mind activity,
reflecting on the dance of this sensitivity
that before overwhelmed me,
though, now just links me to that part
that I’d thought lost in a heart.
October 18th
Spiritual-emotionally longing
to be one
with that knowing, understanding, feeling, being;
the one I dreamt receiving.
I can’t help it when
I see her face,
experience her kind and gentle grace.
And I, perplexed as I sense alight,
a spirit within me who
no longer longs to fight.
A friendship I had resisted letting in,
through all the complexes that had
formed within.
(From here and there.
Story arbitrary)
But now,
I embrace the times she
enters my world
in whatever medium is chosen,
at whatever moment
in whatever form
she is sent.
And through her apparition
a connection unfolds
that grows over time to resemble
a longer-lasting kind of friendship
that before, with a woman, was alien to me.

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