Each time I see her
I’m convinced more and more
That heaven got it wrong
For I adore her
Forever she’s my Lenore
And together, we belong
But she’s with another
It hurts me to my core
That heaven got it wrong!


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Leesaan Robertson
Environ 5 ans

I love your poem, I can totally relate. I like this man a lot and every time I see him I'm convinced we're meant to be together because I always feel a strong connection between us two but he's with another.

Environ 5 ans

Besides sad love poems are a better read than happy ones. LOL

Environ 5 ans

Thank you for taking the time to read my poems. And I appreciate your concern. However, I want to assure you that I don't live in the past. I have romance in my life, and I am quite happy. My love poems are all fictional. I like putting myself in other people's lives and write how others may have felt.

Charlotte B. Williams
Environ 5 ans

I've read your poetry, and I really like your poems. Keep writing, I could be wrong, but it seems you're living in the past, and probably need to move on. There's lot's of nice women in the world.

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