Domesticity vs.Lechery

Women when they discover that a man is not what they thought he was set about changing him, but men when they discover that women are not what they thought they were, start watching porno.

The jelly cleaned off the worn linoleum,
the laundry folded and put away,
three children washed and bedded,
Thelma kicks off her floppies,
drops her bra from her sagging breasts
dons her flannel granny,
tattered and gray,
and climbs into bed
beside her snoring husband
who dreams, not of her,
but of women seen on his computer,
of scarlet lips,
cantaloupe breasts,  
tiny waists and flaring hips.
of six– inch heels worn in bed.
Even if she knew,
Thelma’s too tired to care.
The institution is flawed.



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