A simple utterance was sweet,
Spell binding and no conceit.
Charmed by his presence,
She gladly gave her acceptance
To an Autumn Night Dance invitation.
Her heart leapt with quick anticipation
Chariot arrived as transportation,
Heading to the Night Dance of the season.
The night dance came with great expectations.
The ballroom was lit  and had lavish decorations
Sequins, beads and feathers adorned the dresses.
Most ladies came from far away places.
Gents wore ravishing suits
of different colors as they pursued
Young ladies at the autumn night dance;
Keeping their manners, behaving without arrogance.
The orchestra played melodious music for dances...
Couples twirling and spinning like  no second chances.
On the marbled floor, graceful and elegant—
The night continued with nostalgic sentiments...
As the music faded, ladies curtsied; gents bowed their heads,
Reluctantly, ending the dance as they held hands.
They continued their merriments
with their refreshments
and laughters echoed in the ballroom...
No traces of any gloom.
What a splendid sensation!
The Autumn Night dance continued and ended with much exhilaration!


With Cindy Rella before midnight ;-))

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steven t.
plus de 4 ans

An instant fav...loved the ambiance of a romantic evening of dance and music your words created...thanks for sharing!

plus de 4 ans

you're welcome! thanks for reading !

Fatima Amal
plus de 4 ans

I love this too! It reads as if it belongs in a fairytale of old!

plus de 4 ans

thanks for reading!

plus de 4 ans

Thank you for reading and for your compliment! :-)

plus de 4 ans

Really enjoyed the flow of this poem, everything worked well together, Great work.

plus de 4 ans

thanks for a nice compliment!

Robert L. Martin
plus de 4 ans

Wow. What a classy dance, so elegant.

plus de 4 ans

thanks !

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