You are a swan with grace
kissed by moonbeam—
Casting your reflection
upon a tranquil lake
in this glorious summer night.
Leaves slowly descend—
accompanying you in your solitude
under majestic whispering willow
where divulged secrets reside.
Continued trickling water
falls from a distance—
undisturbed by plopping sound
of a leaping frog.
Hence, the sequence of serenading choruses
of crickets and nightingales...
celebrate a magnificent,
echoing quietness in the night.


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Robert L. Martin
plus de 3 ans

I can surely visualize myself as a swan floating in that pond.

presque 4 ans

Thanks for reading and commenting! :-)

Maria Do Céu Pires Costa
presque 4 ans

Lovely thread crafted under nice images providing much tranquility!

presque 4 ans

Thanks for reading!

Benjamin G. Sangalang
presque 4 ans

Nice and relaxing to contemplate.

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