I know how the slow passing of time
can feel like a dull blade digging into your skin.
How it feels when your whole world falls to pieces,
and all you can do is stand there helplessly, without blinking.
Vulnerable in a way that haunts you each and every night.
Keeping you half dead from exhaustion and an all consuming bitterness.
While living nightmares dance like broken puppets in front of your eyes,
mocking you with every step you take.
Prophetic and cruel in the most disturbing ways.
Your skin stretched too tight over rattling bones;
Body feeling too small and chest distressingly hollow,
but one day you will forget.
The pain won’t be so hard to manage,
the memories won’t ache as sharply,
and your breath won’t be so difficult to catch.
So for now just let the tortured whispers bleed into your ears, and close your eyes.
This too shall pass.


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