You want to hear it, you want to feel it.
My lifes an onion and no eyes have stayed dry
prying and trying to peel it, layers of prayers
Unheard from a diseased rhyme sayer
Im a slayer of sin, leaving remnants of resin
On my carbon core engine, am no longer human
Just a machine yet theres still a bad heart left nested into nothing, beating to a false dream

The mind seems to find reasons for the seasons
Coincidences in the colors but not from one to another’s
We are all a child at one point in time, aging as a sister, father,
Maybe a mother, your daughter or baby brother,
All ive learned in life is it takes sacrifice,
if you take time to delicately unwind
The rambles of a mind. you will see we all cry at times
Acceptance, leaving remnants to fry for anothers meal
Yet we continue to pry and peel
Yeah we might cry at times but its true hunger we feel
Wanting more yet there are so many that conceal
The past, present, ashamed who theyre a descendant of

We all need to live laugh and love,
Because no one has a clue except that all is answered when we will rise above,
But I push and you shove
Different races at race, millions,
yet individually thinking they set the pace,
there will be no winner, just saints next to sinners
Hot summers, will turn to cold winters
enjoy each and everything with everyone
Because one day we will rise above the sun
that sets before your eyes,
above clouds, rays peirce the sky,
you were saddened until the gleams of sun beams hit the seems of  your lifeless cheeks
too shy and too bleak
hid too long in fright from the light
and its made you weak
But now the red of a rose has arose onto your beautiful face, a head raised from the dirt and filth of your surroundings finally seeing above and beyond light years and ions, color now correlates your complexion compellingly telling me you now value longevity, you’ve been through alot and will always be a friend to me.

Mixed thoughts and emotions in locomotion

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