Jaw always clenched
In pain not power
working til I’m drenched
Wearing on my body
trying to kill the mind
hate for everybody
because theyll never find
the passion that lingers through life’s distractions
whispering just over the edge to no where but here
scared thoughts sew up the mind
One side urning to reap the thread
the other wishing it were dead
With a core filled of concrete
and a chest compressed to nothing
Wishing I could be put in pages to hide my soul just to be torn out again.
stubborn as stone, weathered and dragged up and down here and there
While you keep words around whining life’s not fair. Dying for thirst but I broke my fucking glass so baby if love comes first then maybe im last
day and night, dusk til dawn
I worked so hard stayed late
but I’m still a shitty pawn
making a check with no mate
to ever relate how a heavyweight
hits the heart thought I was invincible  now I’m beginning to fall apart.

Heavy Emotions

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