okstupid. let me just rehash
shed light and spark a match
we use hashtags as hash bags
we don’t need that wide webbed net
when there’s plenty of fish to catch
in the real world, the infinite domain
and hey, there’s 7 billion user names
only thing is they’re given by the mamas and papas
who met at a coffee shop long before starbucks
and before they invented these laptop charger chains
shackled to screens
we got ourselves linkedin
I mean why try
hooking up through the wifi
where’s the connection
it sure as hell aint posted
in your contorted auto-bi
hmm maybe its inside you and I
but instead were killing life
existence aint shit without the bee
ha thats a quote from Einstein
What happened to romance of the first kind
what happened to not panicking without your iPhone 5
what happened to not having to explain
she was your first wife
but its all in your timeline of alibi
delete ctrl+c delete ctrl+v
bet your first date lies went fine
who’da thunk it
we’d become puppets
saying goodbye
to friday’s paycheck
to kick it with some drunk bitch
buying drama queen drinks
energy pissed in public
shallow slurred speech
“babe pleeez.. suck it”
I understand, we just can’t hack it
social anxiety society is tragic
we whispered past words to the savage
sold soul to get popular amongst the admin
traded our third eye
for promise of the likes
at the time it felt nice
it was just a drop in the bucket
to have status online
an abundance of friends all plugged in
each one is a poke of the button
we crave the acceptance
whored for that dopamine drug hit
allured the instant gram substance
face it our generations faces are sucked in


networking, social anxiety, technology, society, online dating, dating, love, depression, sad, self, fear, poem, facebook

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Chavely Calleja
casi 4 años

Reality check at it's finest! Great piece

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