For my little brother I adore...Logan Eck

I know you have such doubt in the amazing person you are, but Logan you have taught me more than the lessons learned thus far.
This petty small town... all the false perceptions they hold, have no bearing on the heart you carry for lies they’ve told.
They know not who you are, nor do their blind eyes see, from boy into exceptional man who stands here before me.
I’ll always stand beside you, but never in your way. For the choices you’ve made proceed you on your intended path today.
The road you’ve walked is windy, with unlimited obstacles on the way. Yet you’ve never failed to let them overtake the beauty of each day.
Your actions reflect your intentions... truly genuine in mind. Ive only found such doings in a rare and beautiful kind.
Never underestimate yourself... for you’ve done this on your own. This world will someday repay you for the gift that you have shown.



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