To Bernard Eck

Our world is right with you in sight,
those blue eyes gleaming bright. Shedding more to this world than what we know... turning darkness into light.
You have shown us God’s greatest gift in life that most cannot comprehend. A bushel, a peck and a hug around the neck... your love that has no end.
You taught us how to love ourselves and guided us on our way... taking pride in every moment we shared that paved us here today.
Our greatest memories we hold so dear with you right by our side... through good times and bad you stood by us, and prepared us for the ride.
You gave us hope when all was lost and showed the strength to live, with every day you continued to fight with all you had to give.
We love you more than words can say and want the world to see... never will it be blessed with a more wonderful man..the truth we learned so little sitting proudly on your knee.
You hold a place in all our hearts that no one can replace... thank you grandpa for always being there, you are and will always be our saving grace.



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