The Pure of Heart

"There come's a day.. where fate will bring two souls together even if it may be tragic as ever."

The sunset settled..
as if it were laying down upon the grassy hills
it was setting where once a kingdom was built
where it had once leered as very demeaning and untouched
so it had seemed
the dust of the stone was still pondering about
Missing my home now to see how much I have taken for granted.
my father was left in rubble .. Find him? I could not.
I told all survivors that our King,  my father is gone.
Lady Latonya was one of the many, some may say
a Beauty,
Her brunette curls twisted n twirled that reached to the bottom of her knees
with flower’s leaves and  petals so pink  stuck within her fair hair.
Her eyes were the color of sky blue while seashells would blend in with her skin to well.
Lady Latonya made a vow “From here on out I will find the one who caused this heart rending pain to all of us”
Mr. Rae-Burn stared long and hard
it had imprinted his brain
where all the bodies had laid
it had scarred him
he knew who done it
he did not want to admit it
but his choice became negative to his part as a true soldier.
“I will do my true deeds to put souls back into order!”
He was one of a kind.
Mr. Rae-Burn had chestnut hair that flowed so gracefully it had made the angels look beastly, as his eyes were green as grass and his skin had matched the color of eggshells
Later on that night two pure souls had made an appearance to one another
Lady Latonya stopped and stared at him as if he was a falling star
Mr. Rae-Burn’s heart was touched as if fireworks were soaring up
as if fate had made a spark connection
but then they saw both of them were from two different worlds
Latonya and Rae-Burn shared their thoughts
they both had found who was who
Latonya did not like that Rae was the one who may of killed her father
Rae had not liked that Latonya did not see what that kingdom had done
to all innocent citizens.
as they did love each other
both have found what was most in common of each other
that was to find Pure Of Heart
where as little did they know the unfamiliarity of them both wasn’t so true after all.

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