Dreaded Mirror

Body Dysphoria 4/4/16

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Here you stand six feet tall
Staring at me in the eyes
Watching my body size
You laugh at my physical shape
Telling me I’ll never date
Mirror, mirror on the wall
Why do you make me feel so small?
You bring tears to my eyes
Making me want to quickly die
Conscious of my horrid thighs
Anxiously I try and hide
Mirror, mirror on the wall
My heart fearfully falls
Stop hurting me, please
You’ve already brought me to my knees
Hear me as I beg and plead
Just leave me alone with my body
Mirror, mirror on the wall
You’ve already taken my all

I am sorry that I haven't been posting lately. I have been going through some tough times and I needed to rest. This poem is what I will be submitting to the National Student Poetry Competition.

I hope you enjoyed reading it. :)

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