Why Do I?

Why do I speak when no one listens?
Why do I walk when I have no where to go?
Why do I listen when I cannot comprehend?
Why do I look when I cannot see?
Why do I do what I do when I know it is wrong?
You may have ask these questions to yourself
I will give you my intake
That you know what I feel
And maybe it will help you:)
I speak for those who don’t have a voice
Who are afraid to go in front of the crowd
And say how they feel
Because when they know it’s wrong
They don’t say it...
I walk for there is always a chance
That I will find a place
Or even a person
Along the way
Hopefully they will keep me company but if they don’t
That is fine
I know I’ll find more people to share a journey with
I listen because I know
That in time I will be able
To understand what the person is saying
Even the thing
For even though I can be dumb sometimes
I do have my smart moments, haha
And I know that in the end I’ll be able to help
I look for the pain people feel
Gets my attention
And I’m not going to lie
Sometimes I do not actually see what is going on
I just gaze over it for it is part of the routine
When, at school, people curse
Or even in general for that matter
It doesn’t even faze me
That isn’t good is it?
Lastly, why do I do what I do if I know it won’t help me?
Is it for the pleasure?
But all it brings me is pain
Doesn’t it fix my heart though?
Ugh, no it doesn’t because my heart hurts more than it did before
Maybe I should give up hope!
But hope is the only thing I have
I’m very confused on what to do
But luckily I have finally gotten some help...
Now for you my dear reader...
Because I care for you
And I see you truly a
I want to listen to you
So come to me with your troubles
And lay them on me
For I am here to help
All those in need <3

Hi! The end was just to let you all know that if you ever need someone to talk to I will gladly listen and do my best to assist you ^.^ thanks for reading and have a good day!

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