To the words that were said and the amending that I am greatful for being able to happen and still to be able to call you a beautiful friend

There is sometimes little bits of hate
That we tend to over look such a little detail
As we breath deep and inhale
We always feel as if we have been able to prevail
But no everyone feels aligned
Some may feel behind
I have a bit of a design flaw
Well I guess you could say this flaw sometimes leaves me in awe
I can always try to combine
But this sometimes leads me to feel twined
One another can sometimes use a disguise
Towards one another due to having demise
I Dont want anyone to feel as if they are blocked
I would very much rather just be able to talk
But sometimes things can really shock
When you really figure out what it is to have a talk
During this time you tend to learn
That sometimes even when you do show concern
That the other person already have decided
Leaving  no room to try and help to be a guide
Does not help when you Dont know who wants to be direct
And thoughs who would rather just neglect
How much can one persons mind really know
Who really knows the whole topic and wants to show
The answer is no one
Sometimes it is better to just let things be
Sometimes when someone else feels one way and you can not see
We still can of course agreed
We of course can see
Sometimes I wonder what is in someone else’s mind
If they are also torn and in a bind
For themselves to choose to become unkind
Or instead to find away to unwind
On the surface people really want to mend
But it often does depend
On if the persons views have become abstract
This really can become the matter of fact
Sometimes it is easier to point fingers and blame
Which is oh so such a shame
But then again is it not the game
Which ends up all the same
~~ Katarina Penfold


To a beautiful friend who I never wished in a million billion years to have had to gone through the fight that we did

love, friends, fights, words that lost, a beautiful change

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