The streets are calling my name
Saying, “Girl come and hit it!
It’s a feeling that you’ll love!”
Don’t you fucking get it?
I got reasons to stay away
And you ain’t goin’ get me now
So go 'head and keep calling my name
I’m deaf anyhow.
They got my face all up in lights
With my name in vain
Keep on talkin’, go ahead
I don’t care anyway.
I’m that girl that walks the walk
Talks the talk
And ain’t afraid to go.
So keep tempting me go ahead
And I’ll laugh and tell you no.
All them temptations,
Asking me to go
I’m here just to tell
All you bitches no
Got a problem with my word
Then pack your bags and go
Cuz I’m here just to tell
All you bitches no.


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Robert L. Martin
over 6 years

That's right. You tell'em, girl. Nobody can pull the wool over your eyes. Nice poem.

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