This journey all begins at my friends house with with a 20, we get done with that I asked him if he could get me a 50 as im pulling out for money.
He leaves the room everything seems silent and still, until the silence was broken with a slamming door off in the distance.he comes back in  and hands me the goods. Leave the house spun out of my life starts slowly to decline.
Went through heaven and hell all with this one little white stone.
I snort and smoke my mind away hopeing life would get better one day
Blaming all my problems on everything else
Which i should have just looked at myself
Pushing people away
Those dear and close
Getting more paranoid by the second not feeling a thing
I let it take over and slowly eat my life away
I feel more and more grateful im not on it every day
You lose your mind and the time when you are spun out of your mind
So I say if you ever run in to this little white stone just turn the other way
Your better off smoking the kind green for the rest of your days.


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