The sort of man to recognize the truth
Even when it wasn’t his his native Baptist tongue
Or Texas drawl
As a teenager in Teague with his sister
And take it as his own
Such a man was Robert Royster of Teague
The sort of man to serve well
Those that spoke in other tongues
As well as his own
And take the fight and the truth to them
Teaching and admonishing
Such a man was Dmitri Royster of Dallas
The sort of man to plant and tend
And trust God for the increase
Which was given
Even beyond the borderlines
Beyond the Rio Grande
Such a man was Father Dmitri of Dallas
The sort of man to take a charge
And give one up with the grace of God
And humility
Becoming the bishop of any soul
Who came into his purview and view
Such a man was Archbishop Dmitri of Dallas
The sort of man to make a meal
Of delicacies of food and words and God
For his friends
And he was a friend to everyone
Friendly perhaps to a fault
Such a man was Blessed Dmitri of Dallas
The sort of man who still lives on
In the Body of Christ he helped form
In this world
Miraculously building us up in love
As the Apostle to the Bible Belt
Such a man was Saint Dmitri of the South


Orthodox Church, Saint, Biography

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Jae Rychlewski
over 7 years

You've got a way with words my friend :). This conjures some sort of southern idealism that is fascinating . :) awesome!


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