the heat of the city
feel it what a pity
for the brothers and sisters who
have 2 come to work for a living as tehy
living in the city
my Lord what a day!
it finally came my way
to see another god-forsaken heated day.
it’s summer time!
and the living is hell
can you tell?
from sweat coming off my forehead feeling
thristy and half dead.
yes it’s summertime!
it’s a hot july
and that’s no lie
it’s hotter in july, august, september
or did you forget or did u remember
how the summer of long ago was?
it’s summetime—
and the living is hell
can you tell?
when the weather is dry?
fish stopped jumping
and that girl is good looking
so rush everybody
to the ac inside...
july 2002


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almost 2 years

Beautiful beach. Deserted and unspoiled.


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