There was a Christian bishop in his cathedral on a stormy day, and an un-Christian woman came and stood before him, and she said, “I am not a Christian. Is there salvation for me from hell-fire?”
And the bishop looked upon the woman, and he answered her saying, “Nay, there is salvation for those only who are baptized of water and of the spirit.”
And even as he spoke a bolt from the sky fell with thunder upon the cathedral and it was filled with fire.
And the men of the city came running, and they saved the woman, but the bishop was consumed, food of the fire.

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Robert L. Martin
about 5 years

My Dear Friend Kahlil on your birthday. Happy 133rd Birthday today. Today I was inspired by the chapter from the "Prophet" on Clothes. My poem was called "Truth Down Below." Also, my job at
church in which I am the organist, is making up slogans for the sign outside. Your slogan, "Truth is the will and purpose of God in man." gave me the inspiration. Thank you. Your friend Robert


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