She's A Noble Cut

She’s in Noble shape
She’s a Noble cut
Completing her tertiary study
A good career and things to accomplish
To her life ‘
Seems she loves the Porsche Carrera like myself keeping a very good concentration
She loves to write quotes too
She has that philosophical and euphemistic sensibility
Am her cup of tea
Her love nut ’ she’s got that
Nice empowering butterfly backside
A most remarkably delightfully loving Smile I’ve ever beheld Hers
Incomparably ' her smile relaxes my
Heart/soul I love her Indian eyes & hair
And fair complexion
I love her and just to see her
Aspiration of love towards me
Smoothes and luxuriates my heart verily more refined through
With her loving words and the sweet sense of beauty and pride she is
Each new day
She's ascends a more noble vibrant natural understanding to the light and air in me
Just as experts puts the cuts to Gems to have them refined then polishes to shine as noble magnificent jewels
She's absolutely a most noble cut
True with me' her Caribbean guy
All the way from across the Indian Ocean
Doubtlessly ' absolutely cut for my soul she is*

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N. Jayasree
6 months

Very nice

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N. Jayasree

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