I feel her grip beneath my skin,
And here I know it shall begin.
I’ll struggle hard to no avail,
For this is one time I must fail.
I tried to kick and scream and fight,
To cast away this endless night.
But in the end I’ll surely fall,
Swept away; no trace at all.
I try so hard yet never see,
The differences come over me.
Once last breath I clench my teeth,
Her grip no longer underneath.


Loss, Psychological etc...

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Lady Vex
about 7 years

Thank you it does hold alot of meaning to me but I think its better to let people find they're own. It means more to them that way.

about 7 years

I thought you were talking about yourself. This is brilliant btw xx

Lady Vex
over 7 years

I believe I'll leave that up to the reader to interpret. :)

over 7 years

again, beautiful. who is she? is the question I'm left with...

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