A Way To Find

To Marcy Howard

Through our lives we make turns,
To follow where life leads,
Good and bad come along,
With our wants and needs,
In our hearts we know what’s right,
And do our wishes come true,
In the search to find a way,
My choice has been you.
None of us can predict,
To what degree we shall live,
And nothing is a guarantee,
Just the things we give,
All our desires live in our hearts,
The complications in our heads,
I will find a way to you,
I’ll search until I’m dead.
Already the wait has taken me,
Down a long and twisted street,
Yet all the efforts that I exert,
Seem lost in another defeat,
But I wake up every morning,
Wondering if  today’s the day,
That we’ll be in each others arms,
That love has found its way.
       Holding on still.



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