Frozen Whisper

To Marcy Howard

What if all your possessions,
Are gone, just given away,
And its a struggle just to live,
Each and every day,
A picture is the only thing,
That’s a link to the so called sane,
And with the solutions that everyone has,
We’re left alone with all this pain.
Nights are spent in my car,
As frost forms on the inside,
Making the world a frozen place,
And a thing we can not hide,
Through our lives we become,
Products of our past,
As past events condition us,
To allow the scars to last.
I sit here in this frozen place,
Chilled to the bone,
Though cold is not the enemy here,
It’s the agony of being alone,
Slowly we build up our walls,
To keep everyone away,
For if my instincts with you were wrong,
There’s no tomorrow, only today.
Though I haven’t been the nicest guy,
Love has touched me twice,
And though the one is forever gone,
Holding you would thaw this ice,
The isolation slowly grows,
While the sun seems to disappear,
The ice would thaw if I could whisper the words,
I love you, in your ear.
.        You!



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