Each day we have our answers,
The writing clear upon the wall,
Words are used to build,
Yet cause it all to fall,
Mistaken every day,
And its back to being alone,
You’d think the fool and his heart,
Somehow should’ve known.
But then it’s really nothing new,
Seems to happen every time,
And when I look in the mirror,
The tears I see are mine,
Really wish it was different,
That the fairy tale might come true,
Holding on to that emotion,
That I know I found with you.
Is it just the same old story,
When the heart keeps getting broke,
All these thoughts and feelings,
Are obscured by thick black smoke,
Could it be some internal storm,
That drives the mind away,
Realizing it’s still our hearts,
That have the final say.
Life might seem it’s evolving,
Into the dreaded path alone,
While all the hopes and dreams inside,
Seem to live inside a poem,
Sometimes words can show emotion,
That stretches from our soul,
Melding all the pieces together,
Yet somehow less than whole.
Does this scene or story keep playing,
An endless procession in the night,
While the only difference from a dream,
Is its still playing in the light,
At times it might be out of focus,
Other times it’s perfectly clear,
That without you in my life,
What music can I hear.
The things we hold as important,
Might be things no others can see,
Doesn’t make them mean any less,
They mean everything to me,
The emotions that make us happy,
Are what heart can truly feel,
And holding what I found with you,
Means each day love is very real.

September 4th,2016

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