Life Today

To Marcy Howard

So many thing transpire through life,
As the scars we hide from all,
While death and life walk hand in hand,
Through our past events recalled,
If you’re lucky in your life,
A memory is not all you hold,
Because if you walk through life alone,
A bed with one is cold.
Deep inside a fire burns,
And fond memory keeps it burning,
And if your love you do not hold,
Inside’s an ocean churning,
When it was said life’s not fair,
The sayer knew it was true,
Because through the things that we found,
Is love fair for you.
Love I see is raw and pure,
Though at times people grow apart,
And as life puts the wrinkles on,
What happens to our hearts,
Circumstance may demand you stay,
But chains lead from the mind,
And as the chains are forged by scars,
Is it happiness you will find.
No matter what love brings in life,
Its an emotion that’s always good,
Yet if the past just pulls us down,
We’re left to wonder if we should,
Every morning that we awake,
We ponder, where’s love today,
And in a face with dark brown eyes,
Life gives love away.
        I love you.



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