Lost in Found


I have wandered through this life,
With issues just like you,
Battling through the vast confusion,
Of determining what is true,
And though the answers we search for,
Seem harder and harder to find,
Some exist within the heart,
But then are lost in the mind.
Through mountains of enormous pain,
Interspersed with rivers of joy,
Sometimes the force of those emotions,
Become the past’s played with toy,
There are times that we are happy,
Though there are also clouds of sad,
And as the skies grow cloudy,
We remember both good and bad.
Through the years we open doors,
But at times no keys are found,
There are doors that open squeakily,
Yet those that make no sound,
Our memories might surround us,
And hold us in their embrace,
Locked inside a moving song,
And a long missed beautiful face.
Hopes and dreams might evaporate,
But it doesn’t mean they disappear,
It all depends on the voice of love,
And the things the heart can hear,
All of us can see and feel,
And we each are clearly unique,
And if our hearts talk to us,
Do we ignore them when they speak.
For some it’s hard to hold on tight,
While it’s easy to just let go,
The effort spent to keep love alive,
Insures that it will grow,
Within all our hopes and dreams,
Live the things important to us all,
Though they differ from person to person,
Can we hear love when it calls.
Clearly we learn from our mistakes,
But love is never wrong,
And when living in the heart and soul,
It’s whisper becomes our song,
There are always those unfortunate souls,
Who love they never touch or feel,
But the love I found in your arms,
Proves it’s something very real.

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