Never Never

To Marcy Howard

Never will love go away,
Never will it die,
Never will the things we found,
Become untrue, become a lie,
Never will tomorrow not hold,
The hope to see your smile,
Never will my belief in you,
Take a rest for a little while.
Never will these tears that fall,
Not hold thoughts of you,
Never will a day go by,
That to you I am untrue,
Never will a coffee cup,
Not bring memory,
And never will these dreams of you,
Not momentarily set me free.
Never will the dreams I dream,
Not contain you as my light,
Never will my day begin,
That I didn’t hold you through the night,
Never will I say good bye,
To this love we found,
Never will I love you less,
Through this darkness void of sound.
          I Found You.



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