Over the Tears


tears roll down a wrinkled face,
And they fall in a steady flow,
As the approaching morning,
Becomes the only time they slow,
Darkness is the time they fall,
For then no one can see,
As they fall in the shadows,
So no one can know but me.
The heart controls our emotion,
As our minds just complicate things,
And when confronted with our loneliness,
It’s the tears our hearts then bring,
All the things we feel,
Combined with all we think,
Become the very time and place,
We’re left standing on the brink.
Sometimes a heart holds anguish,
A product of our pain,
But once a heart feels love,
It need never be regained,
Once the seed is planted,
Forever it then exists,
No matter how much any mind,
Pretend that it resists.
Through time tears become an ocean,
A river that silently flows,
Though at times they become the water,
The water that makes love grow,
At times when you look in the mirror,
The tears might have left some stains,
But they’re just an exclamation point,
To prove that love remains.
Love does not require tears,
And it doesn’t cause us pain,
It can get lost inside somewhere,
A song’s long forgotten refrain,
Darkness can become a companion,
And tears might become a friend,
But nothing becomes the reason,
That causes love to end.
We can overcome a broken heart,
And we can all survive a cut,
We can think there’s no tomorrow,
Or get lost in the why’s or but’s,
There is one thing to remember,
Something each heart can hear,
The voice of our love speaking,
Can be heard over the tears.

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