To Marcy Howard

I was given a family; them you took it all away,
While I still am happy;inside yesterday,
My life’s been spent searching;finally I found you,
And there’s no way to destroy; this heart you thought untrue.
My vision holds only you;this heart holds you tight,
Even though the demons come;wrapped in loneliness at night,
It may seem I’m all alone;yet I feel all your pain,
While the nightmares come with tears;and reality’s clear disdain.
Still the dream holds its allure;and this man is yours alone,
Even with emotion hidden;pretended to be unknown,
No matter what you’re looking for;no matter what regret,
Someone unforgettable; this soul can not forget.
Do not feel sorry for me;you’ve filled this heart with joy,
Even though it seems at times;you use me as your toy,
There are only winners here;and I guess I’ve won the most,
I have memories that I can hold; from mountains to the coast.
All those things that we had; inside us still exist,
No matter what the reasons;or the emotions we resist,
I hold fears just like you;and the nightmares we know are real,
For I can’t deny what was found;this love that we both feel.
     No escape .



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