Shadows Long


The day progresses towards dusk and darkness,
Daylight hours will soon be gone,
First dusk will take the stage,
Soon after darkness comes along,
Shadows lengthen as the hour grows late,
We prepare for the coming night,
So many landmarks hard to see,
With the absence of the light.
Streetlights soon will light the way,
Points of light in the dark,
Their light to touch a distance round,
Though without a permanent mark,
Storefronts carry a neon glow,
Open signs corrupt the block,
And if you look as you pass by,
There"s even a neon clock.
Rainbows of light invade the dark,
With an iridescent appeal,
Nothing close to daylight,
Yet in it’s own right real,
Light cascades into the street,
With the cars in silhouette,
Sidewalks marked with shadows long,
That no one soon forgets.
Up and down the street we see,
Pedestrians walking by,
Or are they just a shadow of,
The light shining from their eye,
Footsteps echo on the concrete sidewalk,
Can light have an echo that’s wrong,
It seems they"re just another part,
Of the night times shadows long.
The neon lights fade one by one,
And traffic begins to slow,
The many lights begin to fade,
Shadows long begin to grow,
A bar room’s windows hold the lure,
Of neon light accompanied by song,
The music seems to assist,
The night time’s shadows long.
As the hour slowly grows late,
A sad silence fills the air,
The sights and sounds in the night,
For the daylight do not care,
The traffic’s soon completely gone,
Synthetic light a darkened sound,
And in the morning we soon see,
There are many more shadows long.

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