Somewhere Within


I’ve held on for many years,
To come to here and now,
Wrapped in long held solitude,
Usually alone somehow,
Something lives down deep inside,
A thing hidden from other’s sight,
And now it seems this thing now glimpsed,
Lies hidden in the night.
There’s been times when tears did fall,
Days when face to gace with death,
Times when pain overwhelmed,
With that pain in every breath,
It might seem a dream long held,
Would grow old and somehow stale,
And though things seem to fade away,
Some dreams just aren’t for sale.
Love has come and love has gone,
At times it even dies,
And though it’s never easy to see,
It lives inside blue eyes,
At times we live the pain we feel,
And at times we reach for more,
But with the prospect of real change,
By fear we’re left unsure.
I’ve held a dream in times of pain,
And there are moments that’s all I had,
At times that dream has come alive,
Yet somehow turns so sad,
And when it comes to a choice,
It seems I’m the one alone,
While with a silent soundless voice,
Its alone that I have grown.
And no Im not a bitter man,
Though I hope that you might see,
It’s not about the man perceived,
Its who the one inside might be,
At times we always expect the worst,
Or lack the ability to let love free,
We’re gripped by fear of the past,
And by a fear of me.
For years Ive never given up,
The emotion’s lived inside,
Yet now it seems a futile hope,
That the dream might actually arrive,
Anything good takes real work,
But will that work ever begin,
A start gets lost between heart and mind,
As the hearts retreat within.

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