The Soul's Window

for Marcy Howard

Through our lives, we look for more, never, understanding,
Looking, for that happiness, more or less, demanding,
When you, begin your search, for the object, of your desire,
The places that you look, may not have, what you require,
The very place, where you should look, is, into your lover’s eyes,
Anything, that you might seek, is presented, with no lies,
There can be, open vistas, or beauty, of different dimensions,
And what, I see, inside your eyes, my loneliness, prevention.
Eyes that smoulder, shining bright, a light, that I, can see,
Holding on, to a smile, that lately, is for me,
I know sometimes, it is said, eyes are windows, to the soul,
And as, I look into your eyes,,I feel, you make me whole,
Within, those eyes, I see paradise, wrapped, in utter beauty,
Along with, full sensual lips, to kiss them, is my duty,
All the scars, of the past, seem, to melt away,
As those eyes, capture me, each and every day,
If, your eyes, are windows, I see myself, in yours,
Finally, finding happiness, as the mind, assures,
For, as I look, into your eyes, love, seems to grow,
With or without, the soul’s window.



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