Time Machine

To Marcy Howard

There are moments in our lives,
That form who we become,
And as we look back on time,
There are memories for everyone,
At times the present may seem less,
When a memory holds much more,
And if we could travel back in time,
Would we change the moments in store.
If I could travel back in time,
I wouldn’t change a thing,
Because any moment that we alter,
Might change what the future brings,
Though every life holds good and bad,
These moments form who we are,
And in the darkness we sometimes have,
Those moments that shine as stars.
As I’d travel back in time,
There’s a short period I’d replay,
I’d travel back to that time,
When I held you every day,
Though there are days with laughter,
And those certain days of pain,
In the midst of our crazy lives,
Its you that keeps me sane.
My time machine would carry me,
To the first day I saw you smile,
And to that moment I realized,
Time stood still awhile,
This time machine would only go,
To that place and time,
When your arms held me tight,
When I was yours and you were mine.
Time these days does not exist,
The time machines put away,
For now the memories have to do,
They’re my time machine today,
Each moment now is just a scene,
A forever playing dream,
Where I see your loving eyes,
From my broken time machine.
         Only you.



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