I went to the Gypsy’s.
Gypsy settin’ all alone.
I said, Tell me, Gypsy,
When will my gal be home?
Gypsy said, Silver,
Put some silver in my hand
And I’ll look into the future
And tell you all I can.
I crossed her palm with silver,
Then she started in to lie.
She said, Now, listen, Mister,
She’ll be here by and by.
Aw, what a lie!
I been waitin’ and a—waitin’
And she ain’t come home yet.
Something musta happened
To make my gal forget.
Uh! I hates a lyin’ Gypsy
Will take good money from you,
Tell you pretty stories
And take your money from you–
But if I was a Gypsy
I would take your money, too.

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