Grave Poem of Spoon Island: Nettie Scroggins

Suppose you was 18 years old
And never had a single thing
In all your life to call yours alone
Except your body and your face?
And suppose you went to work
For a rich old man to get out of
The rat hole you was born in?
And when he wanted you,
You set your price at marriage
Same as any woman does,
Even as them who point their righteous
Fingers and call you whore?
And suppose they said you murdered him?
Now, you wouldn’t be such a fool
As to use poison or an axe, but
Loved him, instead, with malice and forethought -
How could a fancy lawyer prove that?


Inspired by the book "Spoon River Anthology" by Edgar Lee Masters. These poems have been crafted by me under the title "Grave Poems of Spoon Island".

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