If I were a boy
I’d have it easy
My heart would not control my mind.. X box all day..
Pass my Time
Skate the streets
And drive the stars
I’d know the name of every car.
Until I meet a girl
that takes her Time,
Awkward and Amusing... that intrigues my mind,
making me want to drown in Red Wine.. If I were a guy... I would have respect for her Heart
For she would be everything
I would know of Art,
And I would only speak
the word “love”, if I knew that
I would never leave her in the Dark.

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presque 4 ans

Beautiful poem. BTW you're too pretty to be a boy

presque 4 ans

Well, if I were a boy... oh yeah I am a boy.

Love this poem...

presque 4 ans

:0 .. And I bet you're not like one of those boys !... stay beautiful Vic !

presque 4 ans

@Delilah: Thanks Laila :)

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