will you marry me

I am here in this position where I never thought I would be, on my knee with this metal type thing, with a diamond rock on it
That others claim it to be a sort of lock on your price.
But baby you not my price or a price at that
You a woman I have always subconsciously dreamed of.
I gonna lie and say that the image of your face was the same as the one I unveiled in my dream, cause it wasn’t
The girl in my dream was a fable of reality with qualities I thought would make me happy and we will also we happy, cause she was a female form of me.
The qualities she possess don’t resemble yours
As you make me angry all the time
With the jealous questions of who is that girl?, your perfectionist personality, like why didn’t you clean the house? criticism when ever I doubt myself, I swear to God that if I name them all the list will never end
But most of all you make me angry because I love you, so much, rephrasing my philosophy of not believing in love like I told you the first time we meet.
This statement of loving you so mush is supported by the fact that all this things and more that you complain about, that made me mad when my mother used to tell me in my elementary years, is what I love about you, not to mention the fact that I’m comparing you to the woman that is my world
As both of you sitting and laughing at our placing enjoy each others company.
Cause you love one other as she tells me as walking through the door, after a long day 'hi son, I not here to visit you, I’m here for her’
I never told you this but the fact that you two get a long makes me happy.

But back to the moment as I pull you hand, and hold it the thought of doubt attacks me, like maybe she aint ready.
But the indirect connection of our blood makes it disappear as it symbols that we were meant to beeee!!!
But now I’m thinking that maybe you will just say yes, when I hit you with the proposal, so you don’t embarrass me in front of all this people steering at us.
But your smile and blissful shock changes the doubt to the reminiscing channel as I see the happy memories of our relationship in you beautiful black eyes
Hugs I give you, when you sad, the long conversation we had on the bed before sex, in which makes the sex more pleasurable and passionate making it a real love making process, the smiles after fights as we realize that we fighting for nothing, the kisses after long abstains but especially the first time I asked you to be my girlfriend. Damn, damn my queen.

So now that I’m convinced that she loves me I just have to tell her the vows that will make her believe I’m here forever. So here goes

"Baby we have been together for 2 years, 32 weeks,224 days and only God knows the minutes and seconds(I was never good at math) and in that time we fought, loved, laughed, cried, smiled, ignored one other, made love etc.

And we still here, with the same feels I had the first time I saw you, I know I’m not the easiest person to deal with.

But out of all the women I slept with even 1or 2 while I was still with you, will never make up how I feel about you, even if you combined all the pleasure they each give me. Cause baby love is defined in different words but has the same conclusion, but my love for you is still in the exploring field cause, if I concluded it we will fly in the plane of torolance
And that will never happen cause not only do you surprise me everyday, I dream of a time in the future of us have our own breed as we see the seeds of our talents combined is one or two trees manifesting into beautiful trees that will fore fill dreams we were not able to reach
Now before I say the four magic words and solidify it with this ring, that caused a very big whole in my bank account
Understand that I fucked up a lot and you forgave me, I’m not saying just because of marriage to you which is a fantasy come true, I wont fuck up,
I’m just asking two things with this ring, that just continue having my back like you also have and most importantly create more space in your heart to forgive me at a later stage, cause my good looks, and great charm and my charisma makes women take advantage and seduces me easier with the one thing that makes us men go crazy.
just remember that if I cheat on you and you still in the process of choosing either to forgive me or not, you are my 90 and they or she is just a 10.
But one think I promise is that the 'i’ in marriage, I will only use it for the last time at the alter when I say I do, now with all said
will you marry me"



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