Endless Thought Cycle

People interact and communicate with one another.
In a mechanical view they see an animalistic mind set.
“The survival of the fittest.”
Which many hunters and fighters say.
We are capable of being predators off another.
But why don’t we?
Is it because we have an attachment to one another without even seeing it?
I believe that is where morals come in.
Morals are things that we experience and then interpret to give us certain perspectives.
The things we are taught and shown to make us see a certain way.
Many of people’s morals are based off their fathers and others before them.
It is what they see as what the right thing is.
But does that make them right?
Or do they just think that they are?
These certain morals are what keeps us from doing certain things.
And gives us certain mental reactions when touched by an opposite mental philosophy.
But why do we react upon some things so harshly?  
These outside morals do not infringe on us as people in any way.
Only the ones that comes next after them.
And they don’t always follow in the fathers footsteps of morals.
They put things together on their own to create personal opinions.
Away from the ones before them.
But the moral is not lost but put in the left theory slot for the next to generate personal thoughts and perspectives.
It just gets swapped out and shifts in the slot where the moral from the father before would have gone.


Im not sure where exactly i went with this piece. comment and tell me if it makes sense from another ones perspective?

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