It should’ve been easier than this.
Missing nothing but a genuine kiss.
Thinking of the things I wish to change.
People looking at me acting so strange.
Looking around hoping I can still fit in.
Showing nobody can take me for the pin.
Proving I am a force to be reckoned with.
Finally glad my passage is a myth.
There is nothing i can do.
Think its time to look for someone new.
Hoping for time to move faster.
Never thinking to talking to a pastor.
Wishing i always have a bottle.
People pissing me off making me go full throttle.
So if you see me with my head down.
Do not try to take me too town.
I need to stay in tonight.
Ive been itching for a fight.
People change and people move on.
I just hope my moving doesn’t take too long.

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