The 3rd night

Something was about to change my life forever
She had broke some heart throbbing news.
I held it together for a while.
3 nights in I couldn’t bare holding it in.
I grabbed the bottle and drank it away.
I hated myself.
For giving her something she would lose.
She tried to blame herself.
I begged her not to blame her self.
There was nothing she could do.
Around 2:00 am i needed to go on a walk.
It was still raining.
not one star in the sky.
I look down at my bottle and find it empty.
I drop it in the road and kept walking.
I walked to the school that night.
Sat on the 50 yard line.
I broke down.
I cried for hours.
Wishing i didn’t do such a dumb thing.
I hated myself for the decision.
And never wanted to again.


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