Wishes of the Happening

I walk down the halls as I swallow my sadness.
Trying to forget what I had done with all this madness.
I am sorry for the pain I may have caused you.
I can’t be more sincere for these words to be true.
I want you to know I love you more than I ever had.
Although I fucked up more than just a tad.
Actions speak louder than words and I understand that.
I cried in worry in the police station where I sat.
I was worried what would happen to you.
And what your parents and law wanted to do.
I hate knowing that this is my fault.
That all of our wishes, dreams, and love came to a halt.
I will give 110% strength in getting you back.
But I don’t know how I will; the law is what I lack.
I pray to god and ask for forgiveness of my sin.
I hope god is on my side of giving you my love for the win.


I will just keep pushing my feelings through writing until they all come out. we need to talk.

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