I am a very young writer, in Poetry and in writing a novel. I am only thirteen years old and I have almost completed a book that  I am making, and I started creating a second book half way through my first, but I decided it would be easier to do one at a time. I love Literature with all my heart. Robert Frost, Shakespeare, and many other poets have poetry I love. I'm not really that old, like I said, I am only 13 years old, which shows that I don't really have much of a biography to write. I can't handle writing a poem about sadness or anger towards someone. All of the poems I make are supposed to make people feel happy and more importantly, make me feel happy. I don't like to seem prideful, but personally, I love my poetry. I think I do an amazing job. Sometimes I'll read some poetry of my own I haven't read in a while and say, "Did I really write this?"

Trying to keep others and myself happy in every season of our lives