My Little Girl Heart

I am a girl...
I’m going to be weak
I’m going to have emotion
I’m real
I don’t pretend
If you look
close enough,
you’ll understand
think about it
Every moment you see
the things I bring
what I offer, you
Give me what I need
& then I don’t
have to think,
you make me wonder
Every minute of that
you’re losing a moment
of me, with me
It’s not complex,
it’s nature
my nature
to keep
never knowing
It’s always going
Patience I lack
I might have been
a little emotional
& over the top
I am a girl
& fragile too
You can understand
that can’t you?
I’m not perfect
but I am good
real goodness
I am a little girl
still at heart
I accept you
with all your life—-
your weaknesses...
I miss you,
it’s scary...

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