I remember just the small village and a small road,
Mom and Dad we were so unhappy but never poor,
There was no love and for what reason more,
I struggled though life confused and less accepted,
Some say confused and some say smothered,
But in life of others they cared not to bother,
Alone and needing and dreaming all the time,
I tried the love of women twice and they stole my life,
My heart seems calloused my love less trusting,
My soul longs for love not some thrusting,
I know there is still love there but she is afraid,
One day we will or will not share,
It is up to her, if our love cares,
If that is so, then I will search on and I will not stop for this world,
Which holds one of hope and caring, one that is bold,
One who will stand by the man I am and not care of my past,
Then Lord I will have found love at last.


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