I could stare into the water forever
Watch myself form into never
The pupils become ripples
Imagining everything in circles
forever, dreaming up wrinkles
Spawn of a rejected infinite spirit
Seeking chaos
Why form so vividly
Your just my imagery
The desire for you in my life
Thought of you as my knife
Viewing forever
Cut into aspect of your eyes
Lusting windup of your cries
Your aura drives me to the ledge
Became so lost
It seems that I unmasked humanity
and crossed
Became so silent
The voice I used to know has been tossed
Impel the lady to kill the spell
Devil, heaven, god, hell
Im in the water forever
One is always one
One is never none
One can also be two
One can always be you

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Ciana Johnson
Environ 6 ans

Wow deep I love this poem!

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Ciana Johnson

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