I am inside by the window
Outside it is snowing
the dormant grass pales as the icy veneer
of a million frozen raindrops
attempt their silent smothering.
Later, I take a walk in the countryside
my fragile human soul
wrapped up against the cold
the air is still
my breath clings close to me
I need my own company.
The virginal blanket sequesters my footsteps
into the screams of unborn snowmen
I arrive at the elm tree
where I saw you last
before this place turned to winter
my mind replays your imprint
rebounding in the sunlit grass
over and over.
Your face flickers through lost thoughts
I guess at the spot where we laid
and I lay there now
snow embracing me with whispers
encouraging me to be still.
If only there was a reason last summer
for you to stay
just a minute longer
I make an angel for you and linger inside
and notice my tears only as they freeze on my cheek
The elm tree looms on the verge of speaking
with words unheard in the back of my mind
I can almost see you listening to its stories
of a love affair with summer
before you made the grass rebound
One. Final. time.


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presque 5 ans

beautiful piece! I love it!

Mr Moonlight
plus de 6 ans

Thanks, I'm glad you think so...I was in a kind of waking dream state when I wrote this and was transported there myself.

Olga Gavrilovskiy
plus de 6 ans

Your words, so carefully and thoughtfully put together...I was transported. Beautiful work!

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