A generator,
With no outlet,
Is a guilt ridden,
Fuel sucking,
Smog puking,
Sputtering mess,
With no reason to exist,
Other than to keep running,
Until it’s out of gas.
No chance to make anything,
More than fumes.
Releasing steam,
To release steam,
To release steam,
Needs an outlet stream,
Outlet stream,
Needs wire to feed,
To feed and power dreams,
Power dreams,
Drawing on,
Painful screams,
Dragging on,
Painful screams,
Painful screams!
They resonate,
And amplify,
And all equate,
To boundary breaking,
Psychonatural earthquakes.
Vision vibrates,
Two sides of the brain,
To slide like plates,
Sparking neural,
Lava flows,
Electric visions,
Like snakes of fire,
To and fro,
Through grey matter,
Fatty folds,
They’re Slithering,
Sticking fangs,
Like staples,
To the insides of the skull,
Self to form,
Psyche sutured to Physique,
Venomous awareness,
Coursing through the Cracks,
Of the cranium,
Pulsing poison,
Molten mycelium,
Vine like veins of flame,
Like seeds and weeds,
Or roots of trees,
Through cracked concrete,
They’re challenging,
What’s kept the cortex,
Caught in corset,
Now undone,
By the sting of things unseen,
Erosive ego acid peel,
Dissolving tight-tied strings,
Morphing hourglass into rainstick,
As to let,
The spirit’s breathing flow,
And body sing.
State of stagnation now deceased,
Slipping into focused full release.
Raising stakes,
Fear hesitates,
But when present,
Love’s genuine embrace,
Tells all that’s truth,
It resonates,
And amplifies,
And all equates,
To boundary breaking,
Psychonatural earthquakes.


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