To the subject of my unrequited love, long past.

I listen to my heart beating so softly
As I watch the night stroll by...
Sitting next to you, side by side,
But touching not quite.
Lost in my own thought,
Does my heart beat in rhythm with yours?
Are they compatible?
What about the rest of the human race?
If we put all the heartbeats together,
Would they join in unison
As one colossal drum,
Or would it become an indiscernible
Chaos of individual thuds,
Like so many birds,
Each beating against it’s own binds?
It’s probably the latter...
And my heart does not hear
And does not understand yours.
I know.
Because if it did,
I wouldn’t be so lost
In the labyrinth of my own thought.
Instead, pressed against your chest
I would be comforted
By your heart beating against  
And in unison with mine.  
©Olga Gavrilovskiy 2013

heart beat, love, birds

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Olga Gavrilovskiy
over 6 years

What doesn't kill us...makes us more resilient and that much wiser :-)

Payne in Pleasure
over 6 years

I know exactly how you feel here. It's never a good feeling, but it always builds you stronger than you were before. :)

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