To Patrick Jane from Red John

Clues I leave on purpose just to tease your brain
So your need to hunt me down is super hyped again
It’s when you are at your best and I admire your skill
When I’ve awakened your loathing at a fresh kill
This time is more intriguing I’ve not followed my usual trait
I’m anxious that you realise this as I watch and wait
I sit in my car nearby as you and the team arrive
Your like bees taking pollen back to the hive
I’d love to be in the room as it dawns on you
This is not a one off killing but done by me just for you
A gift I give to you to refresh your desire
To see me caught and burned in hell’s own fire
That will never happen no matter how hard you try
Though i guess you can see that day In your minds eye
Can you see the day your nemesis conquers you
And do you often wonder what I have in store for you?
My sadistic side is all the better for knowing you
Bringing out the worst in me is quite frankly what you do
I know I’m your better within this field
I guess you know by now I will never yield
It’s what makes the chase so much fun for me
When I know what’s in your heart and what it is you see
The pain and the torment felt deep down within
So Patrick with this in mind let the mind games begin


I do not own any of the characters in this poem they are a creation of Bruno Heller for the American police crime drama tv series The Mentalist

Patrick Jane's nemesis Red John teases him

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